Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Day 10, Hong Kong Island, China

We are now approaching the world famous Victoria Harbour, in Hong Kong, with its stunning night view and skyline, and we will quickly take a cruise around the harbour before heading to Aberdeen...look at those awesome skyscrapers....and the Convention Centre really looks like a seagull

Aberdeen is a fishing town area at the south shore of the Hong Kong Island.

All this travelling has made us ravenous so we are going to the Aberdeen Jumbo Floating Restaurant where we are going to meet Nopi and Sita again.

Looking like a floating palace of imperial China, it has attracted 30 million visitors since opening in 1976. Some of the famous diners include Queen Elizabeth II, John Wayne, Tom Cruise, Chow Yun Fat and Gong Li. The place was also featured in many Hong Kong and Hollywood movies:-)

We had some "Dim sum" (or 'little bits of heart') are a cherished feature of Hong Kong cuisine and rightly so. Siu mai (steamed mince and prawn dumplings decorated with bright orange crab eggs), har gau (steamed prawn dumplings), cheung fen (soft white rice flour rolls sloshed with soy), luo buo gau (fried squares of turnip, and mushroom mash), char siu bao (sweet stuffed in the center of a white steamed bun) are standards of the lunch-time institution of yum cha ('drink tea')

Other items on Chinese restaurant menus includes Pig's tongue; fat choi, 'Dumpling' 'Rice cake fried with pork and cabbage'; 'barbecue pork bun'
Dishes are often christened with fabulous or weird names. 'Dragon, Tiger, Phoenix', is actually dressed up snake, cat and chicken!!. The extremities, innards, tendons and gelatinous parts of fish, fowl or beast are often prized because of their texture and their ability to soak up piquant sauces. Fish eyes, pig's ears, nose and tail, goose web and head, chicken's heart and feet are all dished up. Many foods are believed to be good for the health, such as snake bile and ox blood.

Nopi and Jasi didn't mind these strange combinations and ordered roasted eel!!

Sita, Mel and I were more interested in the dessert trolley, which had mango pudding in a lagoon of evaporated milk, sweet red bean soup flavoured with sun-dried tangerine peel, mini-egg tarts and peanut balls in sweet soup (tong yun)

After this hearty meal we went to the Temple Street Night Market and then to Nathan Road & shopped up a storm;-)
We walked past some sea food restaurants where "your food" was alive in those tanks. You would then choose the one you wanted, and then they would kill it for you, and prepare as you request about fresh!!....

We continued on our shopping spree, and also discovered the convenience of theme shopping streets dedicated to specific product categories and we went to Luxury Brands Street. As a leading centre for international brands in Asia, Hong Kong boasts stores featuring all the legendary luxury brands.

We had a long day, so we decided to retire for the evening and continue our tour of Hong Kong in the morning......
Good night

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