Friday, June 26, 2009

Day 19, mourning in Africa

Michael Jackson first visited the continent at the age of 14 as the lead singer of the Jackson Five.

Emerging from the plane in Senegal, he responded to a welcome of drummers and dancers by screaming:
''This is where I come from."

The crowds who were beginning to line Ivory Coast's Abidjan streets after hearing about the news of his death were testament to his huge popularity across the continent.

Ghanaian journalist Ofeibea Quist-Arcton, who says she was a huge Jackson Five fan as a girl, covered the star's visit to Ghana. When his car window wound down for a brief minute for him to greet fans, she asked him about his trip to Africa, and he replied limply:
"Beautiful, I love it."

"It's not true, no it's not true," a woman in Accra wailed as her companion accused us of lying about the news of Jackson's death.

In Nigeria, a presenter on Radio Continental broke down live on air and could not continue her programme.

One of Michael Jackson's brothers, Marlon, is planning to develop a controversial luxury resort, a mixture of a slave history theme park and a museum dedicated to the Jackson Five in Nigeria.

"He's a legend, he's not supposed to die,"
a woman in the Kenyan capital told us.

Michael Jackson's most tangible contribution to Africa came at the peak of his career in the mid-1980s, when he co-wrote the charity song We are the World with Lionel Ritchie.

Sung by a group of leading artists, the single topped charts around the world raising awareness and more than $50m for famine relief in Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa

We are from different cities, different countries, different continents, different races, different religions, however we all have one thing in common today.........

We all mourn the loss of this icon, the consummate entertainer, the greatest musical legend of our generation......... he may have been a flawed human being, but his music was perfect.... may his soul rest in peace.

An astrologer tells us that at the time of Michael's death transiting Mars was nearly exactly conjunct Michael's natal Mars, and Jupiter (along with Chiron and Neptune) was in a nearly exact trine to Jupiter in his natal chart.

Jupiter is the Great Liberator; the planet of abundance and good fortune.

When death occurs under a transit of Jupiter, it is a signal that the soul will be freed from the prison of the body. While we mourn the tragedy of his death, the planets tell the story: his death was a liberation from a life that was painful beyond measure

He seems to have been addicted to painkillers......he is in pain no more and his music will live on forever in our memories...........

We cannot decide what is our favourite MICHAEL JACKSON SONG......we loved them all......

Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough
Rock With You
Working Day And Night
Get On the Floor
Off The Wall
She's Out Of My Life
I Can't Help It
It's The Falling In Love
Burn This Disco Out


Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'
Baby Be Mine
The Girl Is Mine
Beat It
Billie Jean
Human Nature
P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)
The Lady In My Life
Thriller- Special Edition Extra Tracks
Someone In The Dark (From E.T Storybook)

The Way You Make Me Feel
Speed Demon
Liberian Girl
Just Good Friends
Another Part Of Me
Man In The Mirror
I Just Can't Stop Loving You
Dirty Diana
Smooth Criminal
Leave Me Alone

Bad - Special Edition Extra Tracks
Street Walker
Todo Mi Amor Eres Tu (I Just Can't Stop Loving You - In Spanish)
Fly Away
Why You Wanna Trip On Me
In The Closet
She Drives Me Wild
Remember The Time
Can't Let Her Get Away
Heal The World
Black Or White
Who Is It
Give In To Me
Will You Be There
Keep The Faith
Gone Too Soon

HIStory - Past, Present And Future - Book 1
They Don't Care About Us
Stranger In Moscow
This Time Around
Earth Song
Come Together
You Are Not Alone
Tabloid Junkie
2 Bad
Little Susie

Blood On The Dance Floor - HIStory In The Mix
Blood On The Dance Floor
Superfly Sister
Is It Scary?

Break Of Dawn
Heaven Can Wait
You Rock My World
2000 Watts
You Are My Life
Don't Walk Away
The Lost Children
Whatever Happens

Ultimate Collection Only the Previously Unreleased songs.

Ease On Down The Road (From The Wiz)
You Can't Win (From The Wiz)
Sunset Driver (Demo)
Scared Of The Moon (Demo)
We Are The World (Solo Demo Version)
We Are Here To Change The World (From Captain Eo)
Monkey Business
Someone Put Your Hand Out
On The Line
Fall Again
In The Back
Beautiful Girl
The Way You Love Me
We've Had Enough

One More Chance -A single and also a track on the "Number Ones" Album

Mind Is The Magic (On Siegfried and Roy "Dreams & Illusions")
Say Say Say ( Duet with Paul McCartney)
SHOUT (B side of the single Cry)
Get It (Duet With Stevie Wonder )
The Man (With Paul McCartney)

Performed Live:
Elizabeth, I Love You (sung live for a tribute to Elizabeth Taylor)
You Where There (sung live for a tribute to Sammy Davis Jr.)
What More Can I Give

As Michael said

We are the world,
We are the children,
We are the one to make a brighter day,
So let`s start givin`,
There`s a chance we`re takin`,
We`re takin all our lives,
It`s true we`re make it a brighter day just you and me.

so let's heal the world, and pray that peace will come to Africa and other places of war and conflict in the world.

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