Sunday, June 14, 2009

day 7, from shopping in Singapore to Sentosa Island

Don't you like my Gold Merlion??

Now Sita and Nopi want to visit the Zoo and Bird Park and go shopping, BUT
we don't have the time to do it all, so a decision must be made.
They choose shopping, of course! Armed with walking shoes; map in hand and credit cards, we are now ready to “attack” the Orchard Road shopping district .........

Hold on, what happened to Singapore's anti litter campaign????

Now Nopi and Sita want to go to Little India, Chinatown and Arab Street too, alas, we can't ……….we will be late for our cable car ride from Mount Faber to Sentosa Island……

Mount Faber, a hill about 105 metres (344 ft.) in height provides a panoramic view of the

increasingly dense central business district within the Central Area. Its slope includes a tower that is part of the Singapore cable car system that connects to Harbour Front and Sentosa.

Hope you are not afraid of heights as we take the cable car to our final destination,

Sentosa Island.

Another Merlion statue:-). This one is 37 metre high ( the tallest Merlion in the whole Singapore) & can be entered through the ground floor, and one can take the lift up to 12th floor to view the city state.

(Now....abracadabra.....wave a magic wand...and we will be taken back in time...a that we may view an activity that is now defunct on this Island.......)

Musical Fountain
This show is a water fountain, with lasers and music. The refractive and reflective effect of the lasers against water particles from several directions create a three-dimensional image.

Wow, what an awesome way to end the night!


Now back to our hotel, The Raffles, of of the most expensive hotels in the country...but we deserve the best:-)))

Tomorrow, we will jet off to another country, but Sita and Nopi have decided to remain behind - to continue shopping, since I rushed them through the shopping districts!

They will catch up with us on another leg of the journey.

Thank you for sharing this journey through I am off to my room- where the tv is of course...England are playing against India goodnight......

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babbler said...

It was fun to see your Singapore cards, I was there about 9 years ago, I did not see enough! Thanks for the armchair tour, Mrs. Slug in Oregon