Friday, August 14, 2009

Day 68, Hydra, Greece

Where to next Nopi?

The island where there are NO CARS!! Garbage trucks are the only vehicles allowed on this island; horses, donkeys and water taxis are the only means of transport....and of course your legs!! Aaah, we are going to Hydra.

Hydra is an area of 52 sq. km. and is 6 nautical miles far from the NE coast of Argolida . It is a rocky mountain chain, 20 km length, and width from 1,5 km to 6 km . The island is thin and anhydrous, with highest crown the Ere( 592 m .)

The climate is mild with a cool summer and a soft winter. North winds mostly take off the sea fog and create a brilliant and clear horizon.

The town which is the centre of the whole island, is built amphitheatrically, around the port.

The name of Hydra is owed to the rich waters, which sprang out from the quarries which existed in the antiquity. The first residents of the island where the Dryopes. Historians mention the island by the name of Hydreas and in the interiors have been saved signs of ancient settlements. From very early, Hydra was used as a nautical station, and as a result, it starred in the sea commerce and communications.

Simple houses or country seats, differentiate from a quaint architecture which is not met in other Greek regions.

Orthogonal parallel piped with ceramic roof, flint cornice, high-ceiling with arches, with embossed interior decoration, and painted wooden ceilings.

There are 6 monasteries and 300 churches, and it will be wonderful to enjoy a leisurely walk in the narrows, graphical, paved alleys....but we really need to move along Nopi is there any other island that we simply must visit?

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