Thursday, August 20, 2009

Day 74, Arc de Triomphe(5), Paris, France

And there it is , the Arc de Triomphe, at the end of the Avenue Des Champs Elysées, at the juncture of 12 roads, at the Place Charles de Gaulle.

The monument stands 49.5 m (162 ft) in height, 45 m (150 ft) wide and 22 m (72 ft) deep.
The large vault is 29.19 m (95.8 ft) high and 14.62 m (48.0 ft) wide.
The small vault is 18.68 m (61.3 ft) high and 8.44 m (27.7 ft) wide.

The Triumphal Arch was commissioned by Napoleon in 1806 to commemorate his victories and the glory of the French Army. He was ousted before the arch was completed and construction stopped. It restarted again in 1825 and was finally completed in 1836 during the reign of Louis-Philippe.

When Napoleon died in 1840, the procession carrying his ashes passed under the Arc on their way to the tomb in Les Invalides.

The white inner walls of the Arc de Triomphe are engraved with the names of the 128 battles of the Republic and Napoleon's Empire along with the names of the 558 generals who took part in them. Its sides are decorated with sculptures of the battles.

The body of an unknown soldier was buried under the Arc on November 11th 1920. He symbolizes the 1,500,000 soldiers who died during World War I. In 1923, the FIRST eternal flame ever used, was added.
This Flame of Remembrance is symbolically rekindled everyday at 6pm by war veterans and soldiers.

This traffic circle is ridiculously busy!!! Cars are zipping madly around the road so fortunately, there is an underground passage for pedestrians to pass beneath the busy road, then take the elevator to the top, and the view from up there is truly breathtaking....

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