Thursday, August 20, 2009

Day 74, Eiffel Tower(9), Paris, France

Why are you looking at me strangely Amit?? are waiting for the "piece de la resistance" amongst these monuments!! Ok, I don't want keep you waiting any longer.....

There it is……a global icon of France, one of the most recognizable structures in the world....La Tour Eiffel.....

Its identity document would read like this:

Date of birth: March 31, 1889 (hoisting the flag to the top), built for the Universal Exhibition in celebration of the French Revolution.
Age: 120 years

Contractor: Gustave Eiffel & Cie

Engineers: Maurice Koechlin & Emile Nouguier

Architect: Stephen Sauvestre

Studies: Begun in 1884

Construction: 1887 to 1889 (2 years, 2 months and 5 days)

Composition: 18,038 pieces, 2,500,000 rivets

Weight of the metal structure: 7,300 tons

Total weight: 10,100 tons

Height: 324m (height with flagpole)

Coordinates :

Latitude : 48º 51' 32" North
Longitude : 002º 17' 45" East

Numbers of visitors up to December 31, 2008: 243.376.000

Distinctive feature: recognizable throughout the entire world

Number of steps: 1665

Owner: City of Paris

Named after its designer, engineer Gustave Eiffel, the Eiffel Tower is the tallest building in Paris.

Depending on the ambient temperature, the top of the tower may shift away from the sun by up to 18 cm (7.1 in) because of thermal expansion of the metal on the side facing the sun.
The tower also sways 6–7 cm
(2–3 in) in the wind...hahaha....don't worry Amit... its not windy tonight!!

No, no, don't worry Feroz, we are not going to climb up the 1665 steps....But of course we are going to take the lift all the way
to the third level. What is the point of coming here and not going all the way to the top? Oh, Nopi, you absolutely to forget about your fear of heights tonight.....this is the Eiffel Tower!

The majority of the ascent allows for an unhindered view of the area directly beneath and around the tower......oh there , you can see the latticework .

Maintenance of the tower includes applying 50 to 60 tonnes of paint every seven years to protect it from rust.

Did you know that the Eiffel Tower was to be demolished in 20 y
ears after construction? It was due to the fact the Gustave Eiffel was only given a permit for the Eiffel Tower to stand for 20 years before it passed to the city ready for its destruction, but because it became valuable as a communications resource, it was allowed to remain in place even after the permit had expired.

There were 300 workers who joined together 18,038 pieces of puddled iron, which is a very pure form of structural iron, using two and a half million rivets.

And although the risk of accident was great because of its open frame and only the two platforms, because Gustave Eiffel took safety precautions only one man died.

But when the Eiffel Tower was built, it was met with resistance, as the public felt it was an eyesore, even though Parisians today would not wish to be without it, as it is widely considered to be a striking piece of structural art!

People were also shocked at the daring shape, questioning Gustave Eiffel wondering if he really was a good engineer, but being that he and his engineers were renowned bridge builders, he came back with comments stating that it was based on mathematical calculations utilising wind resistance.

Although most people have the idea that the Eiffel Tower can be seen from almost anywhere in Paris, this is actually not the case, due to restrictions in place
that limit the height of most buildings to only a few storeys so there are only a few of the taller buildings that get a clear view of the tower.

Ok, guys, get ready for a once in a lifetime experience....

The view from up here is absolutely incredible!!

The reason I asked you to get all "dressed up" this evening? It is a surprise I have planned for you.... we are going to Le Jules Verne, a restaurant that sits 125 meters above ground on the 2nd level of the Eiffel Tower.....

I had to make this dinner reservation 3 months in advance so that we could get the window seat.....!!

There are only 120 places available so there is always a waiting list!

This menu has such a large variety of French gourmet dishes.....blanquet de veau farci; cabillaud et epinardes; terrine de foie gras; quiche lorraine; bisque d' hommard; veloute de langoustines; roti de veau; roti de porc; quenelles; moules; gratin dauphinois.....hmmm, none of us speak French.... this will be a rather inter
esting meal;-)
Bon appetit guys!

Oh, don't worry Feroz, I am told that cuisses de grenouille is absolutely you must try it....apparently it tastes like chicken......and Nopi yo
u must try the escargot.
Personally, I simply must taste this canard a l'orange.....mmmm, yummy!
No, no, Amit, I think roti means roast, not roti!!
and Amit want to taste the soup a l'oignon and salade nicoise.
Of course all of us are going to indulge in the tarte tatin, creme brulee, and chocolate mousse.

As we enjoy our seven course dinner ( which costs around 190€ per person!!)....we also absorb the spectacular view of this city called Paris.......

Amit I think that by now you know absolutely all that there is to know about this awesome tower
and Feroz, I know that you love this place too!!

This illuminations tour of Paris has been absolutely awesome .........with
its multitude of monumental landmarks, museums, so many UNESCO world heritage sites.......Paris has most certainly all but exhausted the superlatives that can reasonably be applied to any city, anywhere in the world..........

What's the matter didn't know that cuisses de grenouille actually was frogs' legs....hahahaha......but it did taste like chicken , didn't it?

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