Monday, August 17, 2009

day 71,San Marino

We are now flying over San Marino,Europe's smallest independent republic.....aaah, there is Piazza della Libertà.

Standing proudly at the centre of the Square is the Statue of Liberty given to the country by Countess Otilia Heyroth Wagener in 1876.
The Government Building (Palazzo Pubblico) dates back to 1380 and houses the Great and General Council (the San Marino Parliament).
Rebuilt in neo-Gothic style in the late 19th century, the inauguration speech was given by Giosuè Carducci.
Did you know that inside the building, in the large hall containing 60 high-backed chairs on which the Councillors sit, and the throne of the Captains Regent, is a large painting by Emilio Retrosi depicting an allegory of the founder Saint of the Republic?

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