Sunday, October 4, 2009

Bridge of Time, Lost City

Wow, we had a luncheon fit for a now its time to work some of those calories off!!
Did you know?

One of the most fascinating facts about The Palace of the Lost City at Sun City is the size and enormity of the building project.
A few of these statistics include:
600,000 truck loads of earth were moved on site
there is sufficient carpeting within The Palace to cover 125 tennis courts,
the surface area of the artificial lakes and pools is equivalent to 40 soccer pitches.
During the peak of construction at The Palace of the Lost City , Sun City almost 5,000 people worked on the project.
The Palace of the Lost City, Sun City was completed in only 28 months.

Look ....there is the Bridge of Time.....

This impressive bridge, guarded by mighty Elephants, serves to link the Hall of Treasures in the Lost City Entertainment Centre with the Valley of Waves.

As we are walking on this spectacular bridge a volcano suddenly erupts causing smoke and lava to bellow forth from deep within the Temple of Creation.

Marti is shocked!!!

Hahaha, in order to protect the "incalculable riches, which lie hidden in the Hall of Treasures", an ingenious "mock-volcano" regularly erupts every hour!!


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