Sunday, October 4, 2009

a day of pleasure at the Lost City

Wow, Marti is still slightly shaken from the volcano experience.....

We have now passed the Monkey Spring Plaza - commemorating the troop of monkeys that saved the ancient tribe from starvation during a terrible drought - and we have entered the Valley of Waves through the massive Kong Gates.

Stretched out before us is the Roaring Lagoon which dominates the scene with a wave machine capable of generating 1.8 metre waves every 90 seconds....yes Marti, it is a m
an made beach....just look at the inviting white sand...

Nopi and Jarca are absolutely excited!

There's the awesome Zip 2000, a zip slide that will see you hitting speeds up to 120 km/h along its 2 km length - travelling at a height of 280 m!

The Sacred River Ride is a gentle ride on an underground river, but the girls are going to try the death defying water slide - the Temple of Courage - plunging down the face of the mo
untainside into the sparkling pool below. Wooooooooooo...........

After the earthquake destroyed the ancient civilization, the old diamond and gold mines were partly flooded and today provide thrilling semi-submerged waterslides as they twist down Slide Hill.

Surrounding the Palace of the Lost City is a manmade 25 hectare botanical jungle with over 1 600 000 plants, trees and shrubs. Various habitats have been created using over 3,200 different species of plants.

This Sun City rain forest actually emulates nature with its three layers: a 40 metre high ca
nopy, secondary trees half that height and plants at ground level.

The Jungle at the Palace of the Lost City is threaded with paths meandering past cascades and waterfalls, lakes and pools and a variety of water-borne adventure rides.

There are several different forests in the Valley, namely the Rain Forest, the Bao
bab Forest, the Jacaranda Forest and the Tropical Forest, containing rare plant varieties.

There is also a the Sway Bridge - devised by the King to entrap those who wished harm to the Royal Family - it creaks and sways as it spans the yawning chasm over the cascading waters below.

Sita discovered the Hidden Cave Falls and the Gong of the Sun Lion.
This beautiful gong saved the ancient people by summoning them to the safety of the Royal Arena shortly before the earthquake devastated their homes.

We pass by the Royal Arena, a beautiful amphitheater and the Royal Baths, whose tepid waters were reputed to have healing powers and were originally built over a natural spring.........all this in the middle of Africa!
The Sun City theme park also has regular star-studded concerts and spectaculars in the Superbowl, Africa 's finest venue for concerts.

Did you know that famous musicians such as Queen, Elton John, Linda Ronstadt, Julio Iglesias, The O'Jays, Ray Charles, Boney M., Black Sabbath, Rod Stewart, Tina Turner, Dionne Warwick, Sarah Brightman, Laura Branigan and Thomas Anders (of Modern Talking fame); Sting, Il Divo, Bryan Adams and Frank Sinatra have all performed in this large auditorium which seats 6,230??

People come from all over when there's a show on and events can range from international beauty pageants like the Miss World Pageant to extreme sports exhibitions, like WWE

This place truly is magical..... hey Ramzi, where are the other guys??

Aaah, there they are ......they have just returned from the Lost City Golf Course!

Feroz says that if golf courses were ranked solely on how spectacular and memorable they are, Lost City would come out on top of his list.
And no hole more so than the par-three 13th with its green shaped like the African continent, surrounded by pot bunkers and an enclosure to front left that is home to over forty crocodiles and hundreds of miss-hit golf balls!! Wow!!

The view of the hole from the elevated tee is unforgettable and one can understand why Gary Player sincerely believes he has created one of the top courses in the world at the Lost City, with its desert-style front nine and African bushveld closing nine.

Rocky outcrops and large waste bunkers, planted with a variety of cacti, are a feature of the desert- style front nine.

Amit made sure that the guys had a drink at the Zimbabwe Ruins style clubhouse which overlooks the ninth and eighteenth greens before returning.

Seems like everybody had a really great time...and now we are off to the casino!!!

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