Thursday, October 15, 2009

Mpumalanga - South Africa's Waterfall Wonderland

Mpumalanga means 'place of the rising sun' but you know it could so easily have been called 'place of many waterfalls'.

The Panorama Route that we have been on includes an unofficial Waterfall Route.

This area of eastern Mpumalanga has more waterfalls than any other area of South Africa - some small cascades and others dramatic curt
ains of water.

It is rather unusual to find a "Berlin Falls" and "Lisbon Falls" in the
heart of Africa isnt it?

Wow! The 92m high Lisbon Falls is the highest waterfall in the area - and is a magnificent twin fall plunging over a semicircular rockface.

Next stop Forest Falls Nature Walk......the walk is easy going through pine plantation and indigenous forest and wow, another amazing waterfall....Forest

Not too far down the road is Mac Mac Falls, named after Mac Mac village, the site of the 1873 gold rush.

Interestingly, the waterfall was originally a single stream, but intrepid gold miners changed that when they blasted the falls in an attempt to reach the rich gold-bearing reef over which the falls flow.
The 65m high Mac Mac Falls have been declared a National Monument.

The Bridal Veil Falls are aptly named and long and narrow, tumbling from a great height to appear as a misty veil.

Lone Creek Falls is another national monument.

Last but not least.....the Horseshoe Falls.

They have a circular appearance, and although not very high, are very unusual in appearance. They have also been declared a National Monument.

We all love waterfalls and we have certainly been treated to a watery feast of a cool cascades today!


Bradpetehoops said...

You have a very awesome blog! Congratulation, have a great day!

SandyB said...

Thank you very much. I am glad you enjoyed it:-)

Anonymous said...

lovely postcards. :)

UMEDIA Studios said...

Wow! Very beautiful. I am heading to this area in a week and want to photograph & video these waterfalls. How many days would it take to visit them all, on the way to Kruger? Thnx, Dave

SandyB said...

They are in close proximity so you should be able to do it in 2 days.


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