Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Palace of the Lost City at Sun City, South Africa

We have thoroughly enjoyed our wild Pilanesberg National Park adventure ....... now Princess has spotted a fairytale palace residence on the border of the park....!!

Yes, Princess, that is a is the Palace of the Lost City, an extraordinary fantasy stemming from a North African legend.

The legend tells us that a tribe from an ancient civilization of Africa brought their proud traditions of mighty architecture, luxurious hospitality and love of nature to an ancient volcanic crater that they called the Valley of the Sun in South Africa. Here they built a palace which was destroyed by an earthquake. Hence the name The Palace of the Lost City.

Today, the legend has come to life again and The Palace has been rebuilt in the magnificent surrounds of South Africa

Let's go and check it out ...

Now, restored in form and rejuvenated in spirit The Palace ranks as one of the world's most extraordinary hotels.


The entrance foyer of The Palace of the Lost City rises cathedral-like to a lofty, painted ceiling three storeys above the life-sized model of Shawu the elephant, which guards the mosaic-tiled courtyard leading off the Elephant Walk.

Shawu is one of the magnificent seven elephants of South Africa.
These were the seven Kruger National Park elephants with the largest tusks.
Shawu died of an infection caused by old bullet wounds in 1982.
Shawu at the Palace of the Lost City, South Africa

The interior features exquisite mosaics, frescoes and hand-painted ceilings depicting South Africa's wildlife and culture.

Princess cannot believe that this is place is located in a remote part of South Africa!

Of course we booked into suites at the Palace.

Princess naturally took the King Suite at The Palace of the Lost City as it is the epitome of regal luxury with hand-carved walls, frescoed ceilings and hundreds of custom-designed items.
Nopi wanted the Africa Suite because it has a jacuzzi on the balcony.

And of course we all loved the butler is like enjoying life in your very own Palace!
And now we are going to lunch.....

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