Monday, October 12, 2009

The Pinnacle, South Africa

Next stop??

Pinnacle Rock is a towering rock outcrop that stands out amidst emerald greenery of the forests – a stately king among the lush canopy of the sprawling trees.

It is a silent testimony to the raw energy of Mother Nature, standing tall and proud at 30m.

We are in awe.....its grandeur; the rugged brown formation bearing the harsh elements over the passage of time, unyielding and unrelenting, the tranquility evident in this peaceful haven; rich green colors of the indigenous forests, its intertwining branches providing sanctuary to life's little creatures......

Aaaah, feel the magic in the air as we gaze upon the cheery sunlight that streams down the rough rocky outcrops and flows onto the thriving trees, pausing to peep through the gently swaying leaves.

Isnt this place heavenly?

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