Sunday, October 11, 2009

God's Window, South Africa

So what's our next stop Marti?? God's Window?

Wow, God's Window is truly a wonderful sight!

Just peek down at an expansive view of nature's wonders; the rich medley of stately trees and abundant bushes, strikingly green against the hazy brown earth; the glistening mist that softens the vibrant colors of the valley; a glimpse of the flowing rivers as they meander across the plains. Where else can you find such surreal magic?

Nopi, just set your eyes upon the plains of the Lowveld and to the distance, the stunning Kruger Park!

At God's Window majestic cliffs plunge over 700 meters to the Lowveld and the game reserves which have made the area one of Africa's prime wildlife destinations.

Sita .....bask in the picturesque view and be awed by Mother Nature's grandeur; through the passing of time, with dabs of rain, wind and sun, the rough earth changes its face again and again, like a dazzling work of art that is constantly restored to an exquisite form; the swirling waters of the rivers and the memories they pick up and carry across the land.....

From this Escarpment - a 250km long rampart of sheer cliffs - opens a vista into a plush forest, the Eden-like aesthetic appearance of which prompted the name.

Hey Marti, did you know that on a clear day it is possible to even see the Lebombo Mountains on the border with Mozambique?

Isn't this just so uplifting??

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