Friday, July 3, 2009

Day 26,Kilimanjaro to Angola, Africa

Jamba from Tanzania.

Feroz has finally arrived.....I have presented the guys with their itinerary.....&....they are completely gobsmacked! Hahahaha...

Why?? Well, because Amit, Ramzi and Feroz are returning to the Kilimanjaro National Park to take the Machame Route to Uhuru Peak,
atop Mount Kilimanjaro...!!

They are going to climb Mount Kilimanjaro!...Oh, you should just see the look on their faces!!! Priceless!

Sorry guys, no motorbikes allowed, this will be a WALK all the way to the summit, and back!!
Oh, I am sure that you will enjoy the rain forests, the scenic beauty, the satisfact
ion of having climbed 19 340 ft...if you live to tell the tale!

No excuses guys....I am confident that you are up for the challenge;-)...
You wanted an action packed adventure....... so enjoy this UNESCO world heritage site, which is Africa's highest point, and the highest free standing mountain in the world!
.......hakuna matata.......

Well, us girls will now fly to Cabinda, Angola, for a quick stop over at the Catholic Church there....courtesy of an invitation from

Amit is screaming some last words at us....what did you say Amit??
Oh, we must vote for the 7 new wonders of the world at before 7th July.....OK, Amit, we will do so...bye....our canoeing safari awaits.....



Thanks for sending me to such a wonderful place :)

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