Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Day 37, Argentina

Happy Birthday Mariana:-)))
Finally I am able to make contact with my dear friend.
You are not in the city of Buenos Aires! So where are you???

In Mar del Plata? Okay, we will join you there shortly.
Mar del Plata is an Argentine city located on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean in the Buenos Aires Province, 400 km (249 mi) south of Buenos Aires.

It is one of the major fishing ports and the biggest seaside beach resort in Argentina.
So we plan to spend the morning at the beach, hopefully see some sea wolves and sea elephants in the port, then we are going to celebrate Mari's birthday in an uptown restaurant, try our luck at a Casino and end the day at the theatre.

We all have a sweet tooth so Mari has invited us to have "alfajor", dessert, something sweet and delicious.

Hopefully Mari will enjoy being spoiled a little by her friends , and Martin won't mind sharing her with us;-)

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Mariana said...

Hi! Here I am lying on the beaches of Mar del Plata. If you want to join me, I'll take you to the Casino and the port of Mar del Plata where you will see sea wolves and sea elephants. Then we'll have something for lunch at one of the traditional restaurants by the port and then for dessert I'll invite you with one "alfajor", something sweet and delicious! Bring your sun protection!