Friday, July 10, 2009

Day 33, Antarctica

We loved the I wonder what we will see next?

Oh wow!!! Guess what we have just spotted? A Southern Right Whale!

The guys saw one in Hermanus, South Africa, and now its our turn:-)

Our guide informs us that the total population is estimated to be around 12000 animals.

Since hunting of the Southern Right Whale ceased, stocks are estimated to have grown by 7% a year. It appears that the South American, South African and Australasian groups intermix very little, if at all, because the fidelity of a mother to its feeding and calving habitats is very strong. The mother also passes these instincts to her calves.

The Southern Right Whale, listed as "endangered" by CITES, is protected in the jurisdictional waters of all countries with known breeding populations (Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Chile, New Zealand, South Africa and Uruguay)

Oh, wow, our own Humpback Whale show!!! All of us are in awe of these gigantic animals!


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Awesome card :)

i wish someone can send me such cards too.

Thanks sandy for showing us such a wonderful place :)

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