Saturday, July 25, 2009

Day 48, Washington D.C. USA

Goodbye Maryland, hello Washington, D.C., the capital of the United States which was founded on July 16, 1790.

Washington, the city, is located on the north bank of the Potomac River and is bordered by the states of Virginia to the southwest and Maryland to the other sides.

The BEST thing about postcrossing for me has been all the wonderful friends I have made around the world via this hobby.......Thanks to Paulo and his team for the ir great work and vision.

My dear friend Bruce ( is trying to arrange a meeting with the President for us at the White House!!! Yay!!!!

Feroz very rationally says "No, we cannot ...the Secret Service won't allow it!! "

What do we say girls???

Bruce has been our personal tour guide and has driven us around .....

Wow, the architecture of Washington varies greatly.

Six of the top 10 buildings in the American Institute of Architects' 2007 ranking of "America's Favorite Architecture" are located in the District of Columbia,

including: the White House; the Washington National Cathedral; the Thomas Jefferson Memorial; the United States Capitol; the Lincoln Memorial; and the Vietnam Veterans

The neoclassical, Georgian, gothic, and modern architectural styles are all reflected among those six structures and many other prominent edifices in Washington.

Ooops, The President is unavailable right now....he is trying to quell the uproar caused by his recent comments......he has conceded that his words - that a white police officer "acted stupidly" when he arrested a black university scholar in his own home - were ill-chosen....hmm, as a South African, I can understand racial sensitivity..

But he has graciously arranged for a fireworks display for us.....

Thank you Mr President.......
Nopi is insisiting that we remain here until 4th August because she wants to do her " Marilyn Monroe" impersonation and sing "Happy Birthday Mr President", no, Nopi....we are now crossing the Potomac River into come along....move it.....

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