Thursday, July 9, 2009

Day 32; South Africa

We are patiently waiting for the guys to join us so that we can leave the continent together...but they were so jealous of all the safaris we had been on, so, they decided to go on a marine safari from the Indian Ocean to the Atlantic. They want to boast that they have seen the Big 7......the lion, the leopard, the elephant, the buffalo, the rhino, the Southern Right whale and the Great White shark.....and they do!!

And as a bonus, they see some penguins and seals too:-)).

Finally we meet them on a wine estate in Stellenbosch....the winelands of the Cape is truly picturesque...isn't it Sita?

Nopi simply loves the Cape Dutch architecture.......and South African wine;-)....but we really need to leave Southern Africa now ........our ice strengthened ship awaits......

Hamba kahle .....we had some really awesome adventures air ballooning, sandboarding, makoro safari, elephant back safari, pony trekking, canoe safari, helicopter flips, bungee jumping, white river rafting etc.........and we loved it!!!!

Who's complaining?? Nopi! Why?? Because she wants a vuvuzela too!!
More complaints.....Sita wants to see a whale, Marti wants to see some penguins, and Jarca wants to see a seal........ok, girls, I promise that you will, on the next continent, but for now, we really have to move on....

Amit and Ramzi wish that there were more postcrossers in Africa......but I guess internet accessibility, affordability, ill-literacy, poverty, nomadic lifestyles, amongst other factors make it slightly difficult at this time, but we all hope that in the near future, every African country will have a few postcrossers.

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