Monday, July 20, 2009

Day 43, Dominican Republic

Our next stop is Punta Cana, a municipal district in La Altagracia, the easternmost province of the Dominican Republic. The area is best known for its beaches, which face the Caribbean Sea, and is a popular tourist destination.
Bávaro is a village developed in cooperation with the resorts of Punta Cana, as a town for workers.

The guys are really excited because there are several professional golf courses in the region so they are going to play a round of golf and then they are going scuba diving ...

We decided to check out the other tourist attractions that have also been installed in the area, among them Manatí Park (a waterpark), Plaza Bolera Punta Cana (a shopping mall and bowling center), a Marina, and the Palma Real Shopping Center in Bávaro.

Jarca and Nopi wanted to know about the nightlife and we have been told that inside the resorts it is very lively.

Outside of the hotels, several plazas and discotheques allow tourists to interact with local residents, but we are only here for a few hours so we are going to the beach ...

the waters look really inviting.... its really hot today.......


Marti.k said...

Wow, bowling :D :D That's great :) And the waterpark must be cool, too!

Susan Huckaby Parsons said...

I just returned from the Dominican Republic last week - was there 2 weeks & I loved it!!!
I do have some extra cards if you would like me to send you one.

Anonymous said...

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